New Year of 2015 & A Reflection of A Year That Has Passed: Part One

A new year has arrived, another milestone has been reached and many many things has happened. Things have gotten relatively quite here, for some time I stopped writing as I felt there wasn't anything really to share aside from the successful magazine publications and exposure to my brand. (Which I am most thankful for to have gotten the chance to have) After quite some period of time during the year of 2014, things have gotten quite complicated in some aspects of my life and my heart and mind simply just wasn't there. The greatest thing about all of this were all the mistakes I was able to make, the lessons I was able to learn, and the ever expanding perspective that is developing for my views on life- both externally and internally.

     It had been a very emotional, physically taxing, and mentally challenging year. Filled with both very precious moments, and equally trying ones. I won't miss you, but I do thank you for all of the moments that was necessary to enter my life in order to grow. I have made it to the other side, and have come out to be somewhat the same and yet deeply changed. This morning when I woke up, there was a sudden strong urge to write again. It had been some time since I've shared my thoughts and observations on life around me, as well as the development and growth in my venture deeper into the world of fashion. Things that used to work for me just doesn't seem to anymore. 

     Now here I am, typing to you. Truth be told there were a lot of new insights, discoveries and fascinations I have come across within the span of an entire year; each and every one of them you would really appreciate. There is just something very special with having an online diary, documenting both my passion for this life and the pursuit of fashion. It would truly be a waste if these experiences explored and felt were to have gone unwritten. Words dissipating into the air as breath becomes sound fading into silence. I have come back with a strong resolve and am thoroughly grounded. With all this being said, I shall now begin. Returning back to the things that truly are working for me, and giving me a fulfilled sense of purpose.

It's time to go back to basics. 

With all this said, I will now share the photos I have taken during the year 2014.

Norwegian Cruise
New York City: On The Way Back Home from Cruise

     The Norwegian Cruise was one hell of an experience, sights smells constantly changing. Bad body odor to sweet summer air, vomit inducing rocking movements on the ship, being caught in a storm, having delicious food, having unhealthy food, choking on salt ocean waters, cradling stingrays, holding live starfishes, full days filled with pampering. I can definitely say it was a roller coaster ride and loved every moment of it. Well, except for the vomit inducing times. That can stay with the cruise.

Carry on over to part two for more photos of my other travels and moments, see you over there!

With Love,
Miss Cyn