Finding Inspiration, Even When It's Nearly Impossible

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going out to take photos of urban landscapes. It has been an interest I've personally pursued ever since I got my hands on my first dslr camera, which was handed down to me by my uncle- who upgraded to a even better one at the time haha. The location was debated between downtown or within the areas of Scarborough, which is where I dwell. That being said, I truly don't believe my part of the city is the least bit interesting. However this eventually became the challenge that I had to overcome.

In life I truly believe that creativity and inspiration is something that lives within you. Not an opportunity, not an event, not anything that resides externally. I used to believe that perhaps living in an area that was far from the hustle and bustle of a vivid city life, was a detrimental factor upon my growth as a creative person. Today I got to take this belief and put it to practice. So what do you do when the places surrounding you does not spark inspiration? Try to find the aspects or elements within it that can provoke it.

I never quite liked the industrial and run down buildings surrounding my home, so instead- for the first time, I focused on details. Paying attention to the organic shapes and forms that are created within the human society. Extracting textures and forms to play with. Some of the photos have been edited to have their colors enhanced, and others left alone. This is what I came up with. Enjoy.

 The next time you have a struggle finding inspiration, perhaps try taking out a camera- whether a dslr or from your smartphone. Challenge yourself to expand and change your perspective, to finding inspiration that just might be right under your nose. 

Talk soon,
Love Miss Veruca