Fashion Seen Through The Eyes Of A Child

The other day I was going through some piles of paper collected around my work station, having in mind to clean and rid of some clutter by making use of recycling these materials. There I found a few sheets of scrap paper with peculiar drawings on them. Almost every other week my baby cousin who is around 7-8 years old, (I can never get it right) would come by and visit. During these times she would typically bring along with her a sketchbook with some coloring pencils to draw. My living space does not have a lot of entertainment for children her age, so it was often encouraged for her to prepare some things for her own entertainment during her stay. 
     Then one day my baby cousin had come over to visit, unfortunately without any of her usual drawing mediums. Seeing how she was quickly growing tired of boredom, I went to look for a substitute to replace her usual hobby. I sat her down and handed her a handful of fashion magazines from my bookshelf, then gave her a pen. "Here, since you like to practice drawing from reference- why don't you try drawing the faces and details of these fashion models?" It kept her quite entertained for some time, but as you can see the one example I have shown below was incomplete as that was about the time she lost her attention span haha. To be honest, I was really fascinated with how my baby cousin interpreted these images. 
     One would believe a child's perspective on everything is mostly neutral, there is no set opinion nor is there former background knowledge on any particular subject. No association to social statuses, standards of beauty and aesthetics, her view on life is quite open. This reflected very clearly through her interpretation which you can see down below. There is definitely quite some personality showing through in those drawings, which I felt she had captured very well simply from looking at these photos. It no longer has emphasis or attention on detail, what type of fabric or design the clothing has, all is left out but the impression and mood the subject wearing all these things is portraying. Each one of these drawings all come down to mood and storytelling. Funnily enough, that is exactly what fashion is all about. 

With love,
Miss Veruca