Shinri Tezuka: Edible Amezaiku Sugar Sculptures

What I love most in the world is fashion. What comes very close to the same amount of passion I hold for fashion, is food. There is something truly wonderful about food, when it goes beyond being edible and is also incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. Just a few days ago I discovered candy maker Shinri Tezuka, who creates beautifully sculpted art from sugar. Mind you he is not the first and only one who works with sugar to create artistic candy, however he is the only one of his kind with this particular talent. 

I've done some searching around and found that sugar sculptures are actually a fairly common thing in asian countries, often sold out on the streets in vendors. 
What Shinri did differently is that he took this practice, and brought it several calibers higher. Extreme detail and form are unmistakably present in his creations, he even has a shop that displays all his goods like an art exhibit. Love it.  

Below is a video spoken in Japanese, it was the only one I found that showed more on his process of how these beautiful pieces of candy are made. So the next time you are in Japan, or plan a trip to visit- his shop would make a fantastic souvenir. 

For more info on his shop location visit:

With love,
Miss Veruca