Product Highlight | Personal Identity Bodysuit


Model: Janelle Heath, wearing the mesh Personal Identity Bodysuit 

Today's product highlight is our Personal Identity Bodysuit. The origin of this concept actually stemmed from my very first collection! I remember vividly sitting in my basement studio back in 2009 as an awkward self-doubting young artist, my design sketchbook open on the drafting table, and staring blankly at the white pages. I asked myself, "What is it I want to create? What is it that my brand Veruca Cyn represents?" 

I allowed the questions of what my personal identity is come to mind, what IS a personal identity? What is an identity as a whole? I realized at that very moment, it wasn't my interest to define what that means for others as an artist through my creations- but rather, what moved me was asking that question to the world instead. Questioning these very core foundational concepts of self, to the world around me to allow others the very chance to truly ask themselves just that. An identity is very personal, it is fluid and ever-changing as we grow as individuals, experience life, go through hardships, and discover new things about ourselves. 

I also thought about how prejudice this world can be, how at such a young age-we were taught to define ourselves by our name, age, and gender. It further breaks down deeper into categories of ethnicity, our lineage, social, financial, and marital status. If you are coming of age, then the questions of sexual orientation comes into play. All of these things are simply categories. 

Nobody asks about WHO you are. HOW you feel inside. Everything that is associated with identity to the outside world, is defined as what the eyes can "see". I wanted to strip that all away, and make it nearly impossible to conclude from first glance WHO a person is simply by their appearances. I wanted the world to define their personal identity deeper than that, to begin diving underneath the skin and taking the time to truly "see" the person in front of them. 

When we remove all of these categories, what do we have left? The core soul, essence of a being. Their intentions, their dreams, their aspirations, their reason for living. I believe these foundational things are what defines someones TRUE personal identity. Thus, my very first collection was born. 

As I am writing all of this to share with you, I too am diving deep within once again, slipping under the layers of my skin, reminding myself to "see" what my personal identity is. This has been the basis in which I will derive my inspirations from, and will largely be moving forward. There will always be a part of me asking you, reflecting back to you, in all of my work. 

If you are interested in purchasing this clothing piece, clicking on any of the images will bring you to the item listing in my shop. If the link doesn't work, you can view the item listing here. 

If the item is not available in your size, please feel free to contact me by email and I will gladly create one that will fit you. I have begun to embark on teaching myself how to grade patterns, so that my designs can become available in a wider range of sizes. So stay tuned for that! :)

With Love,
Veruca Cyn