Okay. Enough bunnies for now-onto continuing my blog about F.A.T Week!

DSC02158-1.jpg picture by Deathbutton
Iris and I arrived an hour early thinking we should give ourselves time to eat- which we did, and have coffee and get in to have first dibs on seats. Everything worked out except for the last part- when we got there they were running behind, so we ended up sitting outside for about 20 minutes or more before the doors opened, then that was when we had dibs on where we wanted to sit. :)

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These delicious cupcakes were made by For The Love of Cake <3
I purchased Chocolate Guinness and Salted Caramel. VERY delicious for $3 bucks a pop!

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The Dj playing heavy electronic beats as people slowly collected. I swear to you, the light filters were cascading FIRE ENGINE RED onto every surface of the room- as the theme I went on Day 3 was RAGE. There was also a black and white film that had the storyline based on a crazed love affair, with psychological perspective on possession and rage along with murder flashing on screen in a manner that was ever so abstract. So you can see that in this picture...after an hour of being there I was starting to feel a bit of rage, from the loud pounding of "music" and flashing lights everywhere. Good thing is whenever the fashion show came up- the light becomes bright and thematic music plays, a nice change of pace to break away from the drone.

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These are the flashing lights I was talking about. Flickering all thoughout the entire walls.

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One of the event coordinators standing outside to check her phone

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The first collection to come out is by the local Toronto designer David C. Wigley.

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After the first show, the room was entirely filled up- all seats were taken, dozens of photographers setup their equipments in a huddled group- and plenty of more audience standing along the sides of the walls.