My friends use to show off their tatts
Now they talk about filling their bank vault
Mellow is the new fad
Your life is fucked and it's all your fault

You use to be dangerous and fun
Before you got that mortgage
Killed by mediocrity, procrastination, blah blah
Now you vote conservative

The people of influence and cynical and jaded
What hope for new blood?
Habitat destruction, fake terrorism
We're all imploding under mass boredom

Sleeping generation can't embrace the shock
There's nothing left to embrace
I needed motivation
You sent a postcard that said, "Punk Rock"
Well fuck you too

This is a marketing ploy
This is the new black
It's a publicity stunt
Relax kick back...

Tune in turn up recline practice being dead
This is channel hell

I hope this sledge hammer reminds you who you are
What the fuck happened?

Angry youth reduced to ultra-conservative nervous frightened children
It was supposed to dangerous
It was supposed to be risque
Now it's cheap and mass produced
Now it's in a bargain bin... on sale

You only see the filth when you look for it
The scene sucks because you suck, you killed it
You stood back and let it die