Street Fashion With Toronto Verve

So about two weeks ago, when I was out and about with my "fashion tribe" is what you call it. 

Definition: A group of creative souls that gather together, who share and have intense passionate interest within the realm relating to all things design and fashion, specifically- but not only limited to, clothing.

Sonia Kang, and I were stopped along queen street amongst the fashion district area to have our photos taken. There was a tall blonde lady who was the initial person to approach us, and another tall gentlemen who was the photographer himself. They had expressed how they thought our taste in fashion was particularly interesting, and wanted to post about it on their online fashion blog! So after having our photos taken, we were given business cards and shortly after discovered they were part of  Toronto Verve.

This really goes to show, that you can never be too over dressed/ making an effort to care about your visual presence in public really is appreciated :) After all, prettily dressed people create a prettily presented world. Don't you think?

Sonia had taken the time to write about her thoughts on our encounter and blossoming friendship, it was a rather introspective post and I want to share it with you all. It is in many senses very true, and in the very essence- is a sweet reminder that external differences never are as important as fundamentally shared values.

"When I first met Veruca we both felt like we had once known or seen eachother. It is a strange feeling - like a whisper of a butterfly’s wing on your psyche. Facebook told us nothing…but we still feel that way.
This is myself and designer buddy, Veruca Cyn had our outfit shots taken by a street fashion photographer, Nigel of Toronto Verve while we were out with the Fashion Tribe and supply shopping. 
Funny, we are polar opposites when it comes to our typical personal fashion choices until I don my leather. ;) Only then, do we have the same tastes. I only wear my leather at night - like a vampire. A fashion vampire. I no longer have much black in my wardrobe because I no longer carry my teenage angst that I personally associated with that color. 
Aside from being polar opposites in our personal fashion choices we do however share an insanely similar taste for positivity. Funny enough, it has reaped us so many small successes and a ‘Never Give Up on Yourself’ outlook on life."