People Change, and Dreams Do Too.

Hello everyone, 
this entry is pretty exciting as I'm writing to you for the first time from my smart phone. I finally can stay in touch with my online diary just as much as I used to, with the help and convenience of technology. Most times, ideas and thought provoking conversations come to me at the past hours of the day - and now being able to have my blog fit into my pocket is pretty awesome. Actually, really awesome.
I realized I wasn't limited to making smaller posts, instead of only working on gigantic ones every few months. It is my personal creative and thinking space afterall, and anything goes on the Internet.  It is actually a really thrilling concept, knowing I can post as much or as little as I want! Now more than ever though, I feel I can connect with you as my reader. Get ready for spontaneous random posts that may be as short as a few sentences, to something as long as a five page essay. The longer ones however will be done on my computer, swipe texting is only good for so much hahaha.
Alright, you must be wondering what the title of this post really means. I'll tell you. Growing up I've always heard adults around me say "nothing lasts forever, dreams don't always stay the same, people change." So on and so forth. Being the stubborn yet optimistic person I am, I saw this as a disastrous phenomenon happening to big kids! (big kids referring to adults). The idea of someone's aspirations, or belief in the world altering sounded so bleak and miserable. Almost skimming the surface of how one can dread the concept in the arrival of impending death. I never understood it. Seriously. Until the day things in my life changed. It was against my will, but it was very much so a part of life.
What was this change? Well, when I was a young girl growing up, I discovered fashion television. I would turn it on channel seven every evening, while my parents were preparing the meals it was what would occupy my time. This must have secretly implanted a seed, which later on pushed me into the direction of fashion design. Within those years of my life, I made it my aspiration and goal to be published in a very famous fashion magazine. The ultimate fashion bible at the time. A few decades went by, and here I was sitting in front of my lean green industrial sewing machine. Thinking "now is my chance, I can finally work towards this goal".
One day as I was browsing in my 1000th social media platforms, (which I swear to God that many didn't exist a few years back)- that a well known teen fashion and lifestyle magazine went under. Why? Because society and it's communication movement is moving to online. The big World Wide Web. Suddenly all these news were popping up about how many established and successful magazines were no longer making the cut. There was then the call for survival, and adapting was what many companies started to do. They were moving their content online, with the restrictions of the exclusive topics and hot topics which were only available in print. So this was how things started to go by.
When I first laid eyes on this announcement of magazine companies closing down, I died a little inside. My first thought was, "what about my dream???" this was when it hit me hard, what those words of wisdom actually meant. It just simply meant, my dreams at the time were relevant to the circumstances and situation that made it so an opportunity is available. Now that the social movement has gone to the Web, people had to make changes with it. Or face the doom of being left behind. Another factor was even though the big companies were surviving, their fashion politics and power were shifting to a more open public movement.
Fashion shows are no longer where the money is at apparently, (mind you this was also another dream of mine.) All the trends and seasonal color predictions were no longer really being the influences they once were. Business owners and designers began doing their own things, literally. At this point my entire world if you can imagine, had been flipped upside down.
Now, it wasn't as bad after I got over my initial shock, and I even realized that my dreams weren't actually over. In fact, far from it. People change, this created a new wave and form of communication. Then old traditions sometimes lose their relevence and new ones replace them. When these two combinations came together, change was inevitable. Myself as an individual have also changed, for the better I assure you-and so my dreams can too.
Some may think that the fashion world has gone haywire, as for the long reign of almighty fashion rulers have given way to a bunch of rebellious artists. Who then proceeded to go off on their own creating artistic noises in their little ways. I found it to be quite refreshing, after realizing my love affair for fashion expanded beyond what I knew growing up. It became an all encompassing passion, and fascination to the realities that so many different individuals can create in the same coexisting habit called planet Earth.
Instead of coloring within the lines, I can now have the freedom given to myself to find my own true creative form.
I too now can create my little sounds, without the trends, without the rules, and maybe - just maybe, perhaps I can still one day partake in the dreams I had growing up. Never say never.
As for the technical and statistical break downs of how magazine companies are now surviving, I have not done enough thorough research to provide to you a good substantial debate. For all I know, things are somehow finding a balance. I do believe Web magazines are now integrating with print, hand in hand creating a new form of existence that won't result in their company becoming obsolete.
And that my friends, is how I learned that people change and so do dreams. 
What dreams did you have that required adjusting, and did you yourself as an individual changed as well? If so, how was it for the better?
Talk soon, 
Much love as always. 
Miss Veruca